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Petition Seeks Cancer Warning On Alcohol

Fewer Than Half of Adults Identify Alcohol as a Cancer Risk Factor Even Though It Is the Third Largest Contributor to Cancer in Women Background: Breast cancer is a multifactorial disease: the risks for breast cancer come from a complex web of inter-related factors....

Cars Aren’t the Only Thing Polluting Our Air

Gov. Newsom signs historic right-to-know bill making California first in the world to force disclosure of secret toxic fragrance and flavor chemicals in cosmetics FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SEPTEMBER 30, 2020 CONTACT Erika Wilhelm, Breast Cancer Prevention Partners &...

We Can Do Better. We Will Do Better.

JUNE 9, 2020 We are in the midst of a crucial uprising in response to the endless police brutality against Black lives. The past week further illuminated the generational trauma and grief experienced by Black people and all people of color across the globe, a result...

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