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Get cancer-causing chemicals out of our products to save lives and prevent breast cancer. 



Safer Beauty Bill Package

Tell Congress: We Need Safer Beauty for All

Support the Safer Beauty Bill Package to ban the worst chemicals, require ingredient transparency, and protect women of color and salon workers.

plastics problem needs a global treaty

We need a Global Plastics Treaty

The U.N. is negotiating a treaty that could solve the plastic problem. Make sure the U.S. steps up!

Non-ionizing radiation cell phones and digital devices

Tell Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile to #CleanUpWireless!

While fossil fuels drive telecom profits, it exposes people to pollution that increases breast cancer risk. 

Toxic Free Food Act_Close the GRAS Loophole_BCPP

Tell Congress: No More Secret Toxic Chemicals in My Food

A major loophole allows harmful chemicals in our food and food packaging.

Processed food snacks in plastic packaging

Tell Congress: Stop Toxic Phthalate Food Contamination

These chemicals are linked to breast cancer, toxic to kids’ brain development, and increase the risk of learning disabilities.


Stop REI from Selling Toxic PFAS Chemicals

REI Announces PFAS-Free Gear by 2024!

REI announced apparel in its stores will be free of toxic and persistent PFAS by 2024. Thank you for petitioning REI to go PFAS-free!

Federal Safe Cosmetics Victory girl smiling

The Modernization of Cosmetics Regulations Act of 2022 Enacted

This bill represents the biggest step forward for cosmetics regulation since 1938. We could not have done it without you – thank you for your letters, phone calls, and visits to legislators! 

Ban PFAS in Clothing and Cosmetics CA AB2771 AB1817 Action

VICTORY! CA Bans PFAS in Clothes and Cosmetics

Our two California bills banning PFAS in clothes and cosmetics passed, thanks to you!

Toxic Talc Baby Powder Johnson and Johnson Victory BCPP

J&J Will Stop Selling Toxic Talc-Based Baby Powder

J&J announced it will transition to a safer corn-starch based baby powder globally by 2023. BCPP is a proud member of the coalition led by Black Women for Wellness that pressured Johnson & Johnson to stop using #ToxicTalc in baby powder. #JNJKnew

PFAS Forever Chemicals Victory CA AB1200

Burger King will use PFAS-free packaging by 2025

Restaurant Brands International committed to eliminating PFAS in food packaging by 2025 in all stores worldwide including Burger King, Tim Hortons, and Popeyes. Thank you for telling Burger King to stop wrapping food in toxic PFAS! 

 Best Buy Get Toxic Flame Retardants Out of TVs BCPP Victory

Best Buy Pledges to Phase Out Toxic Flame Retardants

Best Buy adopted a new chemicals management policy in February pledging to phase out their use of flame retardants.

Burger King Get PFAS out of wrappers Victory

CA Bans PFAS Forever Chemicals in Food Packaging

Thanks to you, we passed a ban in California on PFAS in paper-based food packaging and made cookware safer!

Thank you for joining BCPP!

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BCPP: Exposing the Cause is the Cure

We're preventing breast cancer before it starts by eliminating our exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation.

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