Get cancer-causing chemicals out of our products.



Toxic Free Food Act_Close the GRAS Loophole_BCPP

No More Secret Toxic Chemicals in My Food!

Tell Congress to pass the Toxic Free Food Act to close a loophole which companies exploit to secretly put harmful chemicals in food and food packaging.

Safer Beauty Bill Package National Call In Day of Action

Call Congress: Support the Safer Beauty Bill Package!

Call your Congressional representative urging them to support the Safer Beauty Bill Package.

Vanguard Tell J&J to Protect Womens Health and Stop the Sale of Toxic Talc_BCPP Action

CA: Ban Toxic PFAS in Textiles

Help stop the PFAS pollution of our bodies, our drinking water and our environment!


 Best Buy Get Toxic Flame Retardants Out of TVs BCPP Victory

Victory! Best Buy: No More Toxic TVs

Best Buy adopted a new chemicals management policy in February pledging to phase out their use of flame retardants.

Burger King Get PFAS out of wrappers Victory

Victory: Get PFAS Forever Chemicals Out of Food Packaging

Thanks to you, we passed a ban in California on PFAS in paper-based food packaging and made cookware safer!


BCPP: Exposing the Cause is the Cure

We're preventing breast cancer before it starts by eliminating our exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation.

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