Every year there are over 60 events, from walks, bikes, and hikes, to film festivals and educational events that all benefit BCPP! What looks good to you?

Climb Against the Odds 2021 Patti_Breast Cancer Prevention Partners

Climb Against the Odds

Climb Mt. Shasta to honor your or a loved one’s experience with breast cancer.

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Sacred Treks: Patagonia

Join Team Cattara – Adventures with insight – in the spring of ’22 for this wondrous exploration of Patagonia, the magnificent land at the “uttermost ends of the earth” while raising money to prevent breast cancer. Get Started Today

BCPP Ridge Hike Danville 2022

Ridge Hike for Prevention

Join us in Danville, CA on April 10, 2022! Choose a rigorous 10.5-mile hike on the Las Trampas Ridge, a 6.5-mile hike/walk, or a 6-mile walk on the Iron Horse Trail.
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Get Active Challenge

Choose an outdoor challenge or fitness goal, anywhere, anytime!
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Raise money to stop breast cancer before it starts.

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Supporter Spotlight

Meet Cynthia, New England Peaks for Prevention Hiker, and learn why she hikes for breast cancer prevention.

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Sponsor Spotlight: Innersense

Not only was it my purpose to create a safe and healthy household for my family, it was now my purpose to care for my salon professional colleagues knowing the toxic environment they worked in every day. Stylists deserve to work in a safe and healthy environment, plus use safe products in their hands. –Joanne Starkman, cofounder of Innersense Organic Beauty


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