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New location, new name – same great event! Peak Hike is now Hike for Prevention

Hike for Prevention Pacifica

Hike for Prevention Pacifica 

SF Bay Area! Hike for Prevention (previously known as Peak Hike) is one of our oldest, signature, annual outdoor fundraising events, where supporters hit the trails in the name of breast cancer prevention.
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Hike for Prevention Utah

Our FIRST annual Utah Hike for Prevention on Salt Lake City’s Antelope Island.
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Hike for Prevention Texas

Our FIRST annual Texas Hike for Prevention in Tyler, TX.
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Hit the trails TOGETHER to honor those affected by breast cancer and protect future generations.


Raise money to stop breast cancer before it starts.

BCPP Top Trusted Charity 2023

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Dana Friedman breast cancer survivor and advocate with women in her family

Supporter Spotlight

Meet Dana, clean beauty advocate, mom, and breast cancer survivor. Learn how she supports prevention.

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Sponsor Spotlight: Innersense

Not only was it my purpose to create a safe and healthy household for my family, it was now my purpose to care for my salon professional colleagues knowing the toxic environment they worked in every day. Stylists deserve to work in a safe and healthy environment, plus use safe products in their hands. –Joanne Starkman, cofounder of Innersense Organic Beauty


Save lives. Prevent breast cancer.


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We're preventing breast cancer before it starts by eliminating our exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation.

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