Every year there are over 60 events, from walks, bikes, and hikes, to film festivals and educational events that all benefit BCPP! What looks good to you?

Virtual New England Peaks for Prevention

Hike anywhere for our Virtual NEPP or sign up for an overnight climb on Mt. Washington in person in 2021. Or get two for the price of one. Learn more and sign up

Virtual Peak Hike for Prevention

Hike, run, walk, or even backpack, for our 25th Anniversary Peak Hike to support our mission of breast cancer prevention. Registration coming soon!

Climb Against the Odds

Support our volunteer climbers as they fundraise and train to climb Mt. Shasta to honor their or a loved one’s experience with breast cancer on this adventure of a lifetime and learn more about how to join the second 2021 team!

Get Active Challenge

Choose an outdoor challenge or fitness goal, anywhere, anytime!


Raise money to stop breast cancer before it starts.

Fund a participant

  • Hiker, trekker, or climber
  • Other participants

Fundraise for us

  • Host a fundraiser
  • Honor memorial
  • Special occasion

Your gift at work

  • Financial breakdown

More ways to give

  • Give through your work
  • Donate your car
  • Stocks
  • In-Kind

Supporter Spotlight

Meet La Rhonda and Team Elevate. Hiked Mt. Tam with BCPP to prevent breast cancer.

Partner with us

BCPP creates partnerships with like-minded individuals, organizations and businesses that strive to protect consumer and environmental health.

Business Partners

  • Become a Business Partner
  • Current Business Partners

Coalition Partners

  • Co-Release Partners
  • Outreach Partners
  • Advocates


  • Individual Partners
  • Outreach Individuals

Sponsor Spotlight

In 2018, Garmin provided technology support for the Climb Against the Odds event so family, friends, and survivors everywhere could follow each climber’s journey.


Save lives. Prevent breast cancer.


Cleaning Safer and Toxic-Free with BCPP

Get expert advice and health protective tips from our Director of Science, Sharima Rasanayagam, PhD. Watch. Share. Chip In. 

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