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What can we do to reduce our risk for breast cancer (and other diseases)? A lot! We’ll help you identify some known and suspected breast cancer risk factors and give you tips on how you can make simple changes to reduce your risk. Where would you like to begin?

Breast Cancer and Environment Basics

Learn about the chemicals that have been linked to breast cancer and take action to reduce your risk.

Tips for Prevention

Tips on how you can make simple changes to protect your health.

Exposures to Avoid

Minute exposures to some chemicals can lead to profound health impacts.

Core Science

Gain insight into the science behind breast cancer prevention.

Our Work: Introduction

At BCPP we are working to transform how everyone thinks about and uses chemicals and radiation in order to protect our health, prevent breast cancer and sustain life.

Personal Care Products

We’re committed to eliminating toxic chemicals in personal care products.

Cleaning Products

We support legislation that informs consumers about the ingredients in their cleaning products.

Food Packaging

We’re putting pressure on manufacturers to replace toxic chemicals in their packaging.

Workplace Health

We’re dedicated to the policy and education that supports working women’s health and safety.


Environmental Justice

We’re addressing the inequitable burden of toxic exposures created by systemic racism and economic inequality.

Policy Projects

We’re focused on grounding our work in new & current initiatives based on scientific evidence.


Exposure to Toxic Phthalates in Decline

Researchers suggest that the decrease may be due to a federal ban on phthalates in toys and cosmetics in response to BCPP-led efforts.

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