Breast Cancer Risk Factors

Just 10% of breast cancer risk can be solely explained by genetics. That means that 90% of risk is related to factors that we can both directly, and indirectly, impact for positive health outcomes.

Foundational Risk Factors

Race, Power and Inequities, as well as Social and Built Environment, are two larger frameworks that underlie and impact the systemic nature of risk. When we understand the broader barriers to breast health, we can work together to advocate for positive change. 

Heat power station in winter

Race, Power, & Inequities

Heat power station in winter

Social & Built Environment

Genetics and breast cancer diagnosis


Protective Factors

Protective factors can decrease the risk and help us prevent the onset of of breast cancer. 

Woman running active outdoors

Physical Activity


Pregnancy-related Factors

Breastfeeding mother feeds baby


Risk Factors

Key risk factors for breast cancer help us understand what we can do to reduce risk to ourselves, our families and friends, and our communities.

Woman running active outdoors


Breast Density

Breast Density

Ban PFAS in Clothing and Cosmetics CA AB2771 AB1817 Action

Chemicals in Products

food safe glass containers plant based diet

Diet and Nutrition

Medical imaging Radiation

Ionizing Radiation


Light at Night

Portrait of grandmother and granddaughter embracing in the beach

Menarche & Menopause

Non-ionizing radiation cell phones and digital devices

Non-Ionizing Radiation

worker cleaning window


woman wearing a mask coughs in air pollution from traffic

Air Pollution

girl stands in water in front of industrial plant

Water Pollution

birth controll pills synthetic and pharmaceutical hormones

Pharmaceutical Hormones

smoking tobacco


Emerging Risk Factors

Noisy neighborhood

Ambient Noise

Senior Mexican Woman Working Out

Body Weight

neck and shoulder pain, old woman suffering from neck and shoulder injury, health problem concept


woman researcher performing examination of bacterial culture plate


Business professional is worried about being fired


Vitamin D keeps you healthy while lack of sun. Yellow soft shell D-vitamin capsule against sun and blue sky on sunny day. Cure concept.

Vitamin D

Explore risk factors more deeply in our groundbreaking report Paths to Prevention: the California Breast Cancer Primary Prevention Plan. The plan is a blueprint for reducing breast cancer incidence across the U.S.

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