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Non-Toxic Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Gifting made clean Shop with confidence that your holiday gifts are good for you, our planet and those you love! Our partners in prevention are offering socially responsible gift ideas that share our commitment to protecting the health of all people and our planet....

Create Your Own At-Home Non-Toxic Hand Soap

Combine three simple ingredients to create a safe and non-toxic alternative to store-bought hand soaps Created in partnership with our partners at Ecologic  Ask any 8-year-old why it’s important to wash our hands and you’ll likely get some variation of the same...

Make Your Own Non-Toxic All-Purpose Spray Cleaner

A natural, safe and effective alternative to the popular all-purpose cleaner Reposted from our partners at Ecologic  There are few household cleaning products that are more versatile and reliable than the powerhouse known as the all-purpose cleaner. Chances are, it’s...

How to Find and Read Cleaning Product Ingredients

By BCPP Senior Policy Director Nancy Buermeyer  If you’re concerned about the safety of the chemicals in the cleaning products you bring into your home, you’re probably familiar with trying to decipher the sometimes confusing or complicated labeling. Still, if you...

Cleaning Safer and Toxic-Free with BCPP

Video by BCPP Director of Science Sharima Rasanayagam, Ph.D. In this time of uncertainty, and as BCPP’s Director of Science, I wanted to find a way for us to virtually connect. What better way than a video from my bedroom talking safer cleaning products! At...
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