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June 21st, 2:40 PM:

Yellow team has made it back to camp! All climbers are safe and sound!!

June 21st, 1:40 PM:

Purple team Sheila Brown, Tim McClintick and Amy Chevalier have made it back safely to base camp!

June 21st, 12:05 PM:

Yellow team, Lisa Neuburg, Laura Passmore, and Lindsey Dal Porto, just reached the summit of Mt. Shasta at 14,179 feet! Congrats, ladies. They’re accompanied and supported by Lauren, Dane, Dr. Nate and Rich from Shasta Mountain Guides.

June 21st, 11:25 AM:

Yellow team is at the base of the summit pinnacle, 14,000 ft., across the plateau…about 200-300 more feet to climb until they reach their summit!!

June 21st, 11:00 AM:

Yellow team made it to the top of Misery Hill. They are now crossing the summit plateau. It’s warm, and there is light wind.

June 21st, 10:25 AM:

Yellow team has traversed to the base of Misery Hill.

June 21st, 10:10 AM:

The remaining climbers are: Lisa Neuburg, Laura Passmore, and Lindsey Dal Porto who are going up with their guide Lauren of Shasta Mountain Guides, the Yellow team.

June 21st, 10 AM:

#CAO17 update: Sheila Brown, Tim McClintick, and Amy Chevalier achieved their personal summit at 13,200 feet and will descend back to base camp. The Talisman was passed from Sheila to Lindsey Dal Porto.

June 21st, 9:40 AM:

Purple team has made it to to top of West Face! Sheila Brown Lisa Neuburg Tim McClintick

June 21st, 9:35 AM:

Laura Passmore has joined Rich, the red tracker, and has made it to West Face, where there are light winds and warm temperatures.

June 21st, 9:30 AM:

Elizabeth Moser has made her personal summit at 12,000 ft. and is heading back down with Dane, the green tracker.

June 21st, 9:10 AM:

The Yellow team had pulled ahead and is leading the pack (Amy Chevalier and Lindsey Dal Porto). They made it to the top of West Face and will be taking a rest.

June 21st, 8:35 AM:

Andrea Shanti and Wendy Wood Young have made it back safely to base camp at Hidden Valley.

June 21st, 8:30 AM:

Mike De La Cruz and Rachel Luthy have completed their personal summits at 12,400 ft. They are descending to base camp with Dane, the green tracker.

Continued climber updates: #CAO2017

June 21st, 8:25 AM:

Yellow team has pulled ahead, leading the pack at 12,700 ft.

June 21st, 8:20 AM:

Tim McClintick has joined the Purple team.

June 21st, 8:15 AM:

At a higher elevation, climbers are moving slower, but going steady. Green team is at 12,600 ft., Purple team 12,300 ft., Yellow team at 12,000 ft.

June 21st, 6:40 AM:

As of 6:30 AM, At 11,330 ft. Andrea Shanti and Wendy Wood Young reached their personal summits. They are descending to base camp with Nick, the Blue tracker.

 June 21st, 6:30 AM:

#CAO17 update: Green team is at 11,500 ft, making an approach to the top of the West Face, Purple team is 200 ft behind them, Blue team is at 11,400 ft., Yellow is at 11, 300 ft.

June 21st, 5:50 AM:

At 11K+ feet here is the status of the teams:
Roped up and traversing the West Face is the Purple team: Sheila Brown, Elizabeth Moser, Lisa Neuburg
Green team: Mike De La Cruz, Laura Passmore, Rachel Luthy
Blue: Andrea Shanti, Tim McClintick, Wendy Wood Young
Yellow: Lindsey Dal Parto, Amy Chevalier

June 21st, 5:30 AM:

The sun is rising and the climbers have made it to 11,000-11,200 ft!

June 21st, 4 AM:

Good morning! Early alpine start for the climbers. Between 2:00 AM and 2:30 AM the teams began leaving Hidden Valley base camp. They are ascending Casaval Gulch and currently at a rest stop.

As of 4 AM, the teams are as follows:
Purple: Sheila Brown, Wendy Young, Tim McClinktick
Blue: Elizbeth Brown, Lisa Neuburg, Andrea Shanti
Green: Mike De La Cruz, Laura Passmore, Rachel Luthy
Yellow: Amy Chevalier, Lindsey Dal Porto

Jose Lopez, made his personal summit at 9,600 ft.

June 20th, 4 PM:

#CAO17 UPDATE: All climbers have made it to base camp at Hidden Valley! Their strength has endured, the mountain has been kind, the journey continues…

June 20th, 10 AM:

Today the #CAO17 team left Bunny Flat Trail at 6,880 ft. and are heading up to base camp, Hidden Valley at around 9,500 ft elevation, where they will camp overnight and then attempt to summit. They are ready to rumble and be welcomed by the mountain! It’s not too late to support our courageous climbers:…/climb-against-the-odds/c104829

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