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Our Behind the Science video series is your source for trustworthy preventive health info from leading scientists.

BCPP’s Science Advisory Panel of over 20 esteemed scientists, renowned for their achievements in breast cancer and environmental health fields. answer your pressing questions and dive into the scientific connections between breast cancer and the environment.

Behind the Science Ep. 3: Inequity, stress, and firefighters

Featuring: Rachel Morello-Frosch, PhD, MPH

Associate Professor, University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health & the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Explore these topics:

  • Do firefighters face an elevated risk of breast cancer?
  • How does social inequality make the environment worse for everybody?
  • How does stress impact my health?
  • How do disparities in exposures to environmental hazards relate to breast cancer?
  • What is toxic trespass?
  • What can I do?

Behind the Science Ep. 2: Endocrine Disruptors

Featuring: Sarah Janssen, Ph.D.

Staff Physician, Kaiser Permanente and Assistant Clinical Professor, Occupational & Environmental Medicine, UCSF

Explore these topics:

  • What are endocrine disruptors or EDCs?
  • Where are we exposed to EDCs?
  • What is so bad about flame retardants?
  • How can we reduce our toxic exposures?
  • What are chemicals of concern for breast cancer?
  • Why should we be concerned about chemical exposure?

Behind the Science Ep. 1: Adult and Prenatal Chemical Exposures

Featuring: Tracey Woodruff, Ph.D.

Director of the Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment, UCSF

Explore these topics:

  • How am I exposed to chemicals?
  • What are prenatal exposures?
  • How can I reduce my own personal exposures?
  • What more can I do to help make a change?


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