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Welcome to Behind the Science, a new video series filled with trustworthy preventive health info from leading scientists. At BCPP, science is the foundation for everything we do. That’s why we formed the BCPP Science Advisory Panel, consisting of over 20 esteemed scientists renowned for their achievements in breast cancer and environmental health fields.

This video series will take you straight to the source and bring you the facts! Using experts from our SAP, we will be answering your pressing questions and diving into the scientific connections between breast cancer and the environment.

Featuring: Tracey Woodruff, Ph.D.

Director of the Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment, UCSF

Behind the Science Episode 1: Adult and Prenatal Chemical Exposures

Explore topics like:

  • How am I exposed to chemicals?
  • What are prenatal exposures?
  • How can I reduce my own personal exposures?
  • What more can I do to help make a change?


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