BPA in Thanksgiving Canned Food

BPA in Thanksgiving Canned Food

A product testing report

An unwelcome visitor may be joining your Thanksgiving feast: the toxic chemical bisphenol A (BPA). This hormonally active chemical in the lining of canned foods has been linked to breast cancer and a host of other health concerns. What’s meant to be a protective barrier between the metal and the can’s contents actually leaches this toxic chemical into the food we eat.

BCPP wanted to know how much BPA may be in a typical Thanksgiving meal, including foods such as turkey, gravy, creamed corn, cranberry sauce, pumpkin, evaporated milk, pie, green beans, and cream of mushroom, or soup. Testing showed that single servings of almost half of the products had levels of BPA comparable to levels that laboratory studies have linked to adverse health effects, which leads to serious concern for a meal that includes multiple canned foods.

These findings point to a troubling fact: consumers have no way of knowing their level of exposure to BPA.

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