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Healthy Living Tips from a Scientist: Diet, Nutrition, & Breast Cancer

Interview with Dr. Elisa V. Bandera, MD, PhD, Professor and Chief, Cancer Epidemiology and Health Outcomes; Co-Leader, Cancer Prevention and Control, and Unilever Endowed Chair for the Study of Diet and Nutrition in the Prevention of Chronic Disease, Rutgers Cancer...

Does Drinking Alcohol Increase Your Risk of Breast Cancer?

Interview with BCPP Chief Scientist Dr. Sharima Rasanayagam by Volunteer Andrea Dannenberg  I know, you don’t want me to say it. You enjoy wine with dinner. And those Happy Hour cocktails. I get it: drinking is a huge part of our culture. And maybe you’re someone who...

3 Tips for Reducing Your Risk in 2021

From all of us at BCPP, thank you for your support as we closed the chapter on an incredibly challenging year. During these first days of 2021, we want to let you know how grateful we are for you. We are so inspired by the tremendous generosity of our community. New...

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