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From all of us at BCPP, thank you for your support as we closed the chapter on an incredibly challenging year. During these first days of 2021, we want to let you know how grateful we are for you. We are so inspired by the tremendous generosity of our community. New year, fresh beginnings. Let’s start this year off right, together!

Today we offer a gift to you: our top 3 science-backed tips for how to reduce your breast cancer risk in 2021. These tips are pulled from our groundbreaking Paths to Prevention: Breast Cancer Primary Prevention Plan.

Cut back on alcohol

We may have indulged a bit, or more than a bit, during the holidays. Now it’s time to establish healthy, long-term habits that reduce risk. Substantial scientific research links alcohol consumption with breast cancer risk, so reducing consumption is a very healthy choice to make. See if you can start by cutting back or substituting one drink a day or one drink each week with another beverage or even a favorite food.

Get Active

The evidence is undeniable that exercise—for all people, of any age—is protective against breast cancer (and COVID too). Rather than committing to a massive fitness New Year’s Resolution, try a small, achievable goal this year. How about a 20-minute midday walk to clear your head and get mentally prepared for the afternoon? Or bring the kids or grandkids to a nearby trail for a nature walk once a week? Can you join them in a game of catch? They’ll get moving, and you will too!

Clear the Air

Winter can mean more time indoors, so it’s that much more important to keep the air you’re breathing fresh and clear! You can make a long-term investment in your health by buying a HEPA air purifier to help filter dust and particulates that contain toxic chemicals from household furniture and other products. A low-cost option is simply improving your cleaning habits! Dust and mop with a damp cloth to trap toxic chemicals in instead of dry dusting or sweeping, which can lift them back into the air you breathe. Check out our blog Cleaning Safer and Toxic-Free with BCPP for healthy tips to breathe easier in your home.

Take Action

Send a message to urge your elected officials to put health above profits and pressure major corporations to stop selling toxic products.

Whether you pick one or more tips to reduce your breast cancer risk, we wish you a healthy and happy start to 2021!

P.S. Another great way to start the new year is to donate to prevent breast cancer.

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