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Breast Cancer Prevention Month Gift Guide 2022

Put your dollars towards businesses and products that put your health first We call October Breast Cancer Prevention Month. For over 20 years, October has signified the month to promote awareness of breast cancer and shop in support of finding a cure. Yet, 1 in 8...

Meet Amy Ana: Mother, wife, fisherwoman, breast cancer survivor

I’m writing today with the hope that you will join me in the critical movement to prevent breast cancer, which affects even young mothers like myself. It was Friday, March 13, 2020, when I got the call at work. I was just about to open the pharmacy for the day when I...

BCPP’s Annual Partner Guide: Purchases Supporting Prevention

Purchases support our work in breast cancer prevention Did you know we only partner with socially responsible and like-minded companies? Yes, it’s true. You’ll never find our product guides full of junk. All of our incredible partners share BCPP’s...

It’s Breast Cancer PREVENTION Month

For us at BCPP, October’s Breast Cancer Awareness is our chance to shine extra light on prevention. Most people don’t realize that only around 10% of breast cancer cases can be attributed to genetics. What does that mean? It means that most incidences of...
Dana Friedman Breast Cancer Survivor with her family_2x donation match by Beautycounter

Every dollar for breast cancer prevention will be matched.

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