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Chemicals linked to cancer and other serious health problems have no place in anyone’s beauty routine. Until we can strengthen cosmetic safety laws, BCPP is calling on manufacturers and retailers of cosmetics and personal care products to remove harmful chemicals, disclose all ingredients in the personal care products they make and sell, and support health-protective federal and state cosmetic safety policies.


Since 2004, BCPP has educated millions of people about the problem of toxic chemicals in personal care products, which has led to an increased desire for safer products in the marketplace. Driven by coalition partners, forward-thinking cosmetic companies, and individuals insisting on safer personal care products for themselves and their families, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a project of BCPP, has successfully pressured the beauty industry to meet our demands. Read more about our powerful history and accomplishments.

Who is leading the industry – and lagging behind

As the scientific evidence linking chemical exposure and disease grows, more and more consumers are calling for transparency from companies regarding hazardous chemicals used to formulate our personal care products. Some companies have responded to this demand by creating their own cosmetic safety policies. Take a look at how the seven largest multinational cosmetics companies stack up against our standards.


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