Secret Fragrance Chemicals

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Almost half of the personal care products on the market today contain the ingredient “fragrance” – a word that acts as a catchall for a mixture of dozens of individual ingredients.

Fragrance suppliers have enjoyed special protections for decades, which allow fragrance ingredients in personal care products to be kept secret from consumers, manufacturers, and regulators.

As a result, fragrances can and do contain carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, neurotoxic chemicals, sensitizers, asthmagens and allergens. These ingredients can lead to serious short- and long-term health impacts and yet they don’t even appear on product labels.

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Fragrance suppliers are not required by law to provide full ingredient disclosure due to trade secret protections. As a result, consumers get incomplete information regarding the ingredients in their personal care products, manufacturers are unable to provide consumers with full ingredient disclosure, and regulators are unable to determine the full scope of ingredients on the market being used to formulate cosmetics.

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Federal and state mandated fragrance ingredient disclosure will allow consumers to make safer and more informed purchases, benefit manufacturers who want to practice a higher level of transparency, and provide regulators with the information they need to more effectively regulate the safety of personal care products. Learn more about our advocacy efforts seeking federal and state legislatively mandated fragrance ingredient disclosure.

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With your support, we can change our laws to ban chemicals linked to breast cancer and require full fragrance disclosure in our everyday products.


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