BPA Buyer Beware Report

Buyer Beware

Regrettable substitutes in the lining of canned foods

We’re proud to say that many canned food makers are phasing out their use of BPA. Problem solved? Not exactly.

Many of these companies aren’t publicly disclosing what they’re using instead of BPA. We teamed up with the Ecology Center to analyze their can linings to find out more about toxic BPA and regrettable substitutes found in the linings of canned foods.

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  • What evidence do we have that BPA is harmful?
  • The FDA says BPA in can linings is safe.  Why does the Breast Cancer Fund feel differently?
  • Are children or adults more susceptible to the harmful effects of BPA?
  • What’s the connection between BPA and breast cancer?
  • How do the chemicals in the can liners get into the food?
  • Should I buy canned food labeled “BPA-free”? Are these cans safer?
  • What lining is preferable? Are there any can liners that we know are safe?

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