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BCPP Impact Report 2024 Q1 Update (1)

Welcome to our newsletter! In this edition, we are excited to share details about our upcoming special annual celebratory event, as well as the launch and conclusion of several major programs. Each of these milestones has been made possible because of your invaluable support. Please read on for our first quarterly update and join us in celebrating these achievements.

Welcome to our newsletter! In this edition, we are excited to share details about our upcoming special annual celebratory event, as well as the launch and conclusion of several major programs. Each of these milestones has been made possible because of your invaluable support. Please read on for our first quarterly update and join us in celebrating these achievements.

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BCPP’s Luminary Gala – Sold out!

For over 30 years, BCPP has been a vanguard in the movement for healthier, safer living, and our program, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, marks a significant chapter in this journey. On April 25th, we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Campaign, a cornerstone initiative that has significantly advanced our mission. This special evening is a tribute to our collective achievements and the visionaries who have been instrumental in our progress. Featured luminaries include Dr. Linda Birnbaum, former director of the National Institute of Environmental Health and Sciences; Hannah Diop and Issa Rae, cofounders of Sienna Naturals; Horst Rechelbacher the “Father” of Safe Cosmetics; and the 12 “Founding Mothers” of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Celebrate and support our work.

Nancy Lobbying
Janet + team DEHP Ban Bill

California Initiatives: Plastics, Medical Materials & PFAS

BCPP is cosponsoring and leading three California initiatives, tackling some of the worst plastics in packaging, phthalates in medical materials, and PFAS in consumer products. We are cosponsoring the Reducing Toxics in Packaging Act, which would eliminate some of the worst plastics and plastics additives, including polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and PFAS, in packaging. We will also be raising awareness about the negative health risks associated with using diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) in IV bags and tubing with our Toxic-Free Medical Device Act. BCPP is also cosponsoring the California Ending Forever Chemicals Act, which would ban the use of PFAS ‘forever’ toxic chemicals in consumer products except where uses are proven essential. For all these initiatives, we will be creating and disseminating educational content about the issue; generating support from a diverse group of stakeholders, including organizations representing underserved populations, for health-protective policy solutions; and educating policymakers, legislative and committee staff.

Business Leaders Join D.C. Lobby Day

BCPP will be taking on Capitol Hill to generate support for the federal Safer Beauty Bill Package which includes the Toxic-Free Beauty ActCosmetic Safety for Communities of Color and Professional Salon Workers ActCosmetic Fragrance and Flavor Ingredient Right to Know ActCosmetic Supply Chain Transparency Act, and our newest bill, the No PFAS in Cosmetics Act. BCPP is bringing our partners in the clean cosmetics industry straight to their congressmembers for a safer beauty briefing and lobby day. 

2024 Non-Toxic Black Beauty: More Brands, More Products

In 2022, we launched the Non-Toxic Black Beauty Project, the first-ever database of CSC-verified safer Black beauty products and spotlights of the nation’s top Black-owned clean beauty companies. Newly updated and expanded this April 2024, these beauty products made by Black-owned companies are free of the toxic chemicals on our Red List linked to health concerns that disproportionately impact Black women. To learn more about how chemicals impact your health, check out the Health & Science section. Don’t see your favorite brand? Nominate them. We are proud to see the growth of our list to over 100 clean Black beauty brands and 1,463 safer beauty products! Please look forward to the broader public announcement and updated content, findings, and trainings for community ambassadors.


Charting Paths to Prevention: Regional Meetings Conclude

The Regional Meeting stage of our Charting Paths to Prevention for Breast Cancer (Charting P2P) project has concluded! We traveled across California, holding educational meetings in 8 different regions, connecting and learning from local community leaders on what issues concern them the most. In April, we will be holding a 2-day training for diverse stakeholders across the state to develop systemic, community-based interventions to prevent breast cancer. We’re excited to see the projects that come out of this event and will continue building relationships and collaborate with partners to workshop and develop intervention projects on our own end!

COMING UP: Hike for Prevention Ambassador Events

Science shows that regular exercise can reduce the risk of breast cancer as well as help people undergoing cancer treatment. We’re excited to see the national growth of our Hike for Prevention signature event, with more H4P ambassadors representing BCPP all across the country. This fall, join a local hike and support breast cancer prevention or learn how to become a H4P ambassador and launch your own local event.  Save the dates:

  • Salt Lake City, Utah: September 7, 2024
  • Tyler, Texas: October 5, 2024
  • Portland, Oregon: October 12, 2024
  • Pacifica, California: October 19, 2024

Shop and Support BCPP: Our Affiliate Shopping Page

Today, and every day, we work in honor of those who have faced or will face a breast cancer diagnosis. So, in order to better get safer product options into the hands of more consumers, we have launched a new gift shop that will make a meaningful difference: introducing the BCPP Affiliate Collection! We’ve partner with brands that share our vision of prevention and value the health and well-being of all women and their families. With every purchase via the links on our shopping page, BCPP receives a commission on the sale, and you help support our ability to elevate means of prevention, change policies, and mobilize communities on behalf of those touched by breast cancer.  Shop our Affiliate Collection.

Michael Sevy

Donor Highlight: THANK YOU, Michael Sevy

In Michael Sevy’s words: “I first learned about Breast Cancer Prevention Partners when they were working with San Francisco City and County supervisors to draft legislation based on the precautionary principle. Shortly after, I learned about BCPPs involvement with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. And then of their efforts to educate about the dangers of bisphenol A (BPA). I support BCPP because they are focused on eliminating “toxic chemicals and other environmental exposures linked to breast cancer.” I support BCPP because they work with local, state, and federal groups to alert, educate and warn of problems. Then, they continue to collect science-based data, which is used to legislate bans on these toxic substances. Whether it’s BPA/BPS, PFAS or Phthalates; talc-based baby power, questionable chemicals in beauty/health products or ‘unnamed’ fragrance ingredients.”

Thank you for your partnership. We look forward to sharing mid-year updates with you—sooner than we might think! In the meantime, stay well, and thank you once again for your dedication to this critical cause. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or for more information.

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