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Guest Post by Melissa Gabriel, Wife, Mother, Better Beauty Advocate, Breast Cancer Survivor

This Giving Tuesday, join us and honor the many Faces of Prevention. The real people who inspire our daily work to create a toxic-free world.

Up first is Melissa, a clean beauty crusader focused on empowering women and families to make the best choices for healthy, clean living.

You can support BCPP’s work too!

Help make safer beauty a reality for all. Your dollars will go to: uniting our community and business partners around this vital issue; scientific testing and research on toxic exposures; and educating lawmakers and leaders to pass federal cosmetic safety reform in 2021.

Melissa is a reminder that we are our fiercest advocates. Through perseverance and community we can and do create change. So this #GivingTuesday, the global day of generosity, be a fierce advocate too. Be a face of prevention, honor your loved ones, and protect them by choosing to support BCPP.

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