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Lowe’s announced they will stop selling paint strippers with dangerous methylene chloride. You did this. Thank you for your support!

BCPP supporters who took action on our site contributed to the 200,000 petitions delivered to Lowe’s in coordination with our campaign partners at Mind the Store. By raising your voice, you made this huge consumer health victory happen.

Methylene chloride, a hazardous chemical, has killed at least 50 people in the U.S. after their use of paint strippers. It is linked to neurotoxicity, liver toxicity, and numerous cancers.

Collectively we’ve shown that coordinated pressure on big companies wins major health victories that will reduce exposure to chemicals linked to breast cancer and other diseases. Mobilizing voices and consumer dollars changes the market for toxic chemicals in favor of safer products.

This strategy to push the market toward safer products is critical given the U.S. government standstill over chemical regulation. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed banning methylene chloride back in 2017, but following pressure from the chemical industry, EPA leadership delayed the proposed bans until further notice.

With our federal government asleep at the wheel, we will move the market towards safer alternatives through organized consumer pressure.

This announcement from Lowe’s shows that safer alternatives are both possible and profitable. Other retailers and manufacturers will follow suit or face mounting public pressure. Ultimately, the pressure on government to act will become unstoppable.

On to Home Depot!

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