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road to Mount Shasta, California

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Recent Updates

Thursday, June 13 

Tonight, we will gather with BCPP friends, family, supporters, and the Mt. Shasta community to celebrate!

11:30-12:30 All climbers have made it back safely to Bunny Flats and are off the mountain! They are in such great spirits, and we are so proud of them. Congrats, Climb Against the Odds Team 2024!

9:40 AM The first group has departed high camp to hike down to the trailhead eta at Bunny Flat: 11:30 am

Supporters will gather at the Bunny Flat Trailhead to welcome the climbers home with cow bells, cheers, posters, and big hugs.

9:00 AM As this group climbed Mt. Shasta in the name of breast cancer prevention, they carried prayer flags up the mountain. Before the descent, the flags were unfurled, and the written names of our loved ones were read out loud. “The wind carries our prayers of love, healing and remembrance. May we all be well.”

8:00 AM The climbers are up and enjoying breakfast sandwiches at base camp before they depart to Bunny Flats.

The morning light begins to shine through

The massive shadow of Mt. Shasta

Recent Updates

Wednesday, June 12 

The climbers and guides will have a good hot meal, camp overnight on the snow at base camp, and head out tomorrow am. 

4:45 PM ALL climbers have made it back safe and sound to base camp.

4 PM The remaining climbers are now below Thumb Rock and are glissading.

3:30 PM All Climb teams are now below Red Banks.

12:30 PM: The climbers will now begin their descent back to base camp. 

12:10 PM: Regina Gramer, Alex Poltinova, Christine Kuehl, Katelyn Heywood, Bryan Churchill, Paz Mendelevitch, Morgan Peterson, and Emily Lewis have reached the summit at 14,179′!

11:15 AM: Philip Levi, Cody Maple, Rachel Bliesner, Beck Littlefield, and Nancy Smith have reached the summit at 14,179′!

10:30 AM: Leah Iocco has reached the summit at 14,179′!

8:30 AM: The teams are working their way through the Red Banks at roughly about 13,000′. In the bright, hot sun! Winds are starting to pick up. The climbers are making good progress.

7:47 AM: Kathleen Dugan reached her personal summit at 12,850′.

Conditions: clear and sunny with a slight breeze, high near 43 degrees.

6:25 AM: Natasha Fernandez reached her personal summit at 11,500′.

6:15 AM: Mia Bolton and Devin Hiller reached their personal summits at 11,300′.

5:35 AM: The sunrise offers more light for the climbers as they ascend.

4:55 AM: The climbers are moving up from Helen Lake at 10,435′.

4:35 AM: Mags Doheny reached her personal summit at 9,600′.

4:30 AM: Rob Abramowitz climbed with the crew to 10,435′ at Helen Lake and will be there to assist with anyone who needs to return.

3:40 AM: All other climbers (Groups 2-4) have left base camp and are on the move up.

3:15 AM: Cindy Yuan and Julie Mansfield reached their personal summit at 9,500′.

3:15 AM: Group 1 is headed up first.

2 AM: Hikers wake, get dressed in their summit gear, and have an early pre-dawn breakfast.

Bryan in stride on the summit



Flying prayer flags in memory and in honor of those impacted by cancer

Members of the climb team resting at the top



Philip checking out the view at 14,179'

Roped together and climbing up



Climbers stopping for a quick pose with their buffs on

An early morning start for the climbers



Headlamps on...The ascent begins!

Prep and hike to the trailhead

Tuesday, June 11

 7 PM: The climbers have made it to base camp! They’ve completed snow school and will eat dinner to refuel before heading to bed early before a 2 am wake-up call and summit attempt.

5:10 PM: Sandy Sferella-Taylor reached her personal summit at 8,900′.

11:30 AM: The 22 climbers were divided into four teams and are currently en route to base camp at 9,500′. Upon arrival, they’ll rest briefly and then participate in snow school led by their guides.

11 AM: After they geared up, all climbers carpooled to the Bunny Flat trailhead. From there, we took some photos and sent them on their way with cheers, love, and support!

8 AM: After getting their food and hydration, the climbers headed to our long-time friends and incredible guides at Shasta Mountain Guides. There, they could get their rope team assignments, rent any last-minute gear, and unpack and repack their Osprey backpacks to ensure they only brought what they needed for their climb. The packs end up weighing about 45 lbs, so being mindful of what goes in is very important. Every ounce counts!

6 AM: Today, the climbers woke up bright and early to have breakfast and prep their lunches for their day hike to base camp.


The climbers made it to basecamp



Bryan + Paz chilling out after their hike to basecamp

The climbers make their way up to 9,500ft

In stride, in teams, across the snow

Group 1 departing Bunny Flat trailhead


David Reichel, Emily Sotomayor


Cindy Yuan, Mags Doheny, Julie Mansfield, Natasha Fernandez, Leah Iocco


Group 2 departing Bunny Flat trailhead


JM McGin, Logan Cookler


Kathleen Dugan, Philip Levi, Cody Maple, Rachel Bliesner, Beck Littlefield, Nancy Smith

Group 3 departing Bunny Flat trailhead


Tailer Spinney, Joey Iosue, Daniel Ross


Sandy Sferella-Taylor, Regina Gramer, Alex Poltinova, Christine Kuehl, Katelyn Heywood, Rob Abramowitz


Group 4 departing Bunny Flat trailhead


JC, Ethan Atkins


Mia Bolton, Devin Hiller, Bryan Churchill, Paz Mendelevitch, Morgan Peterson, Emily Lewis

Climbers in high spirits pre-climb



Mia and Devin at the gear store, Fifth Seasons, and then at Bunny Flats with their game faces on.

Climbers sorting gear + packing up

Julie & Mags are all set to hit the trailhead

The journey to Mount Shasta begins

Monday, June 10, 2024

For our 25th Anniversary of Climb Against the Odds, we are honored to welcome 22 volunteer climbers from across the country to attempt Mount Shasta’s icy 14,179 ft peak to challenge the 1 in 8 odds of a woman’s breast cancer diagnosis.

Many climb in honor of their breast cancer diagnosis or a loved one, carrying prayer flags inscribed with names up the mountain. We all climb for prevention so that no one should have to hear the words “You have breast cancer.”

So far, the team has raised a total of $144,900 of their $200K goal to prevent breast cancer. Help them reach their goal!

Our climbers are packing up and preparing for their travels from across the U.S. to Northern California’s Mt. Shasta. We can’t wait to welcome them!

We can’t wait to reunite with our dear friends from the Mt. Shasta community, who generously host us every year. One community member joins us each year, with their  fundraising proceeds going to the local Mercy General Hospital to support breast cancer treatment for those who need it.

And last but not least, Shasta Mountain Guides, our expert mountaineering guides who support us up and back home safely down the mountain on this journey to Climb Against the Odds for breast cancer prevention.

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