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Climb Against the Odds, our annual mountaineering expedition for breast cancer prevention, is back! Initially slated to climb Mount Shasta in June of 2020, this team of climbers showed extreme tenacity and flexibility. Faced with obstacles across the board, the CAO 2020 Redux team rallied, and were finally able to gather June 9th – 13th in Mount Shasta, California. 



As a group, the team raised over $157,637 and will continue to fundraise through the end of the year. Meet the climbers and donate to help them reach their personal fundraising goals!  

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Team members of CAO 2020 Redux.

Coming down the mountain.

Day 1 – June 9th, 2021

The CAO 2020 Redux team was greeted by cold temps, thunder and lightning! That didn’t deter this group, though. The team met with a Mount Shasta ranger and Shasta Mountain Guides to get the lay of the land and map out a plan for their climb.  Due to inclement weather, the schedule changed slightly. Instead of attempting their summit in the early morning hours of June 11th, they would instead spend the entirety of the June 11th at basecamp and attempt their summits in the early hours of June 12th, heading all the way back down the mountain in one day.

Team arrives at Mt. Shasta.

Route planning.

Taking in Mt. Shasta’s beauty.

Day 2 – June 10th, 2021

Climbers were up early and met at 6:30am to fuel up on breakfast! They then went to the Shasta Mountain Guides store to hear some final prep, and headed across the street for gear check on the lawn behind the Fifth Season. Climbers were broken into 3 teams, and went through the contents of each of their packs with their guides. In addition to climbing essentials and layers for the cold, guides were looking to ensure everyone had enough food!

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Clif Bar nom nom nom!

Can’t leave without Buff.

Around 11am, climbers left to make the 1 hour drive to Clear Creek trailhead. The hike to basecamp took 3 hours, and upon arriving, were able to spend some time learning mountain skills, before eating dinner and heading to bed.

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Team One is off!

Leaving for Basecamp.

Day 3 – June 11th, 2021

Climbers started the day with a short hike before heading back to their tents to, what they thought, would be a short rest. The weather quickly turned, with increasingly high winds, rain, sleet and snow. The majority of the day was spent huddled in their tents, although with any break in the weather, climbers were able to spend time together. Luckily, winds died down just before dinner.

Making their way up.

Before the storm.

Day 4 – June 12th, 2021

The team woke up at midnight to fuel up and start their trek to Mt. Shasta’s summit. The high winds and inclement weather resumed, giving each of the climbers a difficult task of making the trek. Every climber gave their best, but the conditions made it impossible for anyone to summit Mount Shasta. The team had a great attitude, having come down the mountain even more bonded than before. Here are their personal summits: 

Rob Abramowitz– 12,000’ 

Jen Bray – 12,000’ 

Christina Caselli – 10,600’ 

David Cooper – 8,500’ 

Kara Cooper – 10,600’ 

Nicole Cooper – 10,600’ 

Steven Clossick – 11,500’ 

Jamie Earl – 12,400 

Steve Ellis – 12,000’ 

Lindsey Floreani – 11,600’ 

Martin Floreani – 11,600’

Marga Franklin – 8,500’  

Alison Grimm – 12,000’ 

Alex Grishaver – 11,500’ 

Laura Grishaver – 11,500’ 

Pam Keefe – 12,000’

Susan Scott – 12,000’  

Josh Quigley – 12,400’ 

Linor Vaknin – 12,000’ 

Kevin Walker – 12,300’ 

Wendy Young – 8,850’ 

Check out the view!

After returning down the mountain safely, as promised by Shasta Mountain Guides, the team had their afternoon to prepare for the celebration that evening! While smaller than normal, the guides and climbers celebrated their successful climb over a delicious dinner.  

Day 5 – June 13th, 2021

The group convened one more time before heading back home. Following breakfast, climbers reflected on their experience leading up to, and on the mountain. After a tumultuous year, the 2020 team breathed a collective sigh of relief, paying tribute to a unique experience that bonded them together.

These climbers have poured their hearts and souls into this expedition. They’ve trained for the climb of a lifetime, while becoming vital ambassadors for breast cancer prevention.

How You Can Help

Their goal is to collectively raise $350K between the two teams this year, and they’re almost there! Will you show your support?

Until next time, Mt. Shasta.

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