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From Sofa to Summit: A Journey Beyond the Mountain

Guest blog by Dana Cook, BCPP Climb Against the Odds Volunteer Climber    Life often surprises us with unexpected challenges and opportunities. For me, agreeing to climb a mountain seemed utterly out of reach, a decision clouded by self-doubt and personal...

Holiday Shopping Guide 2023

For hiking, cleaning, skincare and more, give the gift of impact with our Holiday Prevention Partners! Support BCPP and shop with confidence knowing that your holiday gifts are good for you, our planet and those you love! Our partners in prevention are offering...

Breast Cancer Prevention Month Gift Guide 2023

Shopping for PreventionAt BCPP, October is Breast Cancer Prevention Month. For over 20 years, October has signified the month to promote breast cancer awareness and shop to support finding a cure. Yet, 1 in 8 women in the US will still be diagnosed with breast cancer...

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