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Create Your Own At-Home Non-Toxic Hand Soap

Combine three simple ingredients to create a safe and non-toxic alternative to store-bought hand soaps Created in partnership with our partners at Ecologic  Ask any 8-year-old why it’s important to wash our hands and you’ll likely get some variation of the same...

Create Your Own At-Home Non-Toxic Body Wash

Pantry staples like honey and coconut oil combine for a feel-good, non-toxic body wash Created in partnership with our partners at Ecologic  Think back to the last time you purchased body wash. Whether you shop online or in a store, you were likely faced with a lot of...

Make Your Own Non-Toxic All-Purpose Spray Cleaner

A natural, safe and effective alternative to the popular all-purpose cleaner Reposted from our partners at Ecologic  There are few household cleaning products that are more versatile and reliable than the powerhouse known as the all-purpose cleaner. Chances are, it’s...
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