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Here’s to Climb Team ’18 

Climbing a mountain is an incredible experience and no small feat– and making an impact is even better! This incredible group of individuals came together in June of 2018 to spread the message of breast cancer prevention and attempt to summit Mount Shasta, a 14,179-ft. peak in northern California. They hailed from a wide variety of backgrounds and had a huge range of outdoor experience. It was no daisy walk, but they persevered and supported each other with every step. Together this team raised over $180,000 for breast cancer preventionhelping to protect our families, our communities, and future generations from toxic harm.

We’re looking at you, future Shasta climbers. 

Our founder, Andrea Martin, said that we need to shout the message of breast cancer prevention from the mountain tops. And that’s exactly what we do. Now’s the time to start on this journey of a lifetime. Get started today! 

Get to know the 2018 climbers.

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