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Quick tips + October offers from our partners

You may know October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but we at BCPP call it Breast Cancer Prevention Month! For over 20 years, October has signified the month to promote awareness of breast cancer and shop in support of finding a cure. Yet, 1 in 8 women in the US will still be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. That’s why we continue to shift the conversation from awareness to prevention.

We work hard to stop breast cancer before it starts by protecting our bodies and environment from toxic chemicals linked to the disease. Some of the most frequently asked questions that we hear are “what are some prevention tips?” and “what are some clean, safe products I can use?” Well, have no fear, BCPP is here with our top tips and partner guide filled with trustworthy, healthy products for purchase this October!

Tips for you:

1. Read ingredient labels

It is perfectly legal to use ingredients linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, and reproductive harm in personal care products, cosmetics, cleaning products and food packaging. Check our Glossary of Exposures to learn more.

2. Avoid ‘fragrance’ on ingredient labels

Fragrance (or parfum) is a cocktail of ingredients that can include dozens of potentially harmful chemicals. As often as possible, avoid purchasing and using personal care products, cleaning products, clothing, and home goods that list ‘fragrance’ as an ingredient.

3. Wash your hands

Washing your hands kills germs and reduces exposures to unsafe chemicals. Many chemicals from everyday products end up in household (or workplace) dust. Washing dust off your hands reduces exposure to toxic chemicals, like flame retardants. Avoid antimicrobial soaps because they often contain hormone-disrupting chemicals.

4. Go fresh, organic, and hormone-free

Choose fresh, organic, and hormone-free foods in order to avoid exposure to pesticides, added hormones, and other possible toxic chemicals in packaged foods. Buying products grown organically reduces pesticide use, which is good for families, farm workers, and the environment, and eating fresh (or frozen) foods helps you to avoid chemicals like BPA in food can linings.

5. Don’t be brainwashed, greenwashed or pinkwashed

Companies use savvy marketing to sell products, so don’t let false claims trick you into buying products with harmful ingredients. Watch out for products designed to look like they are good for the environment or natural. This is called green washing — words like “natural” and “safe” have little, if any, meaning without ingredient labels to back them up. Be wary of products boasting a pink ribbon, too. Many pinkwashed products contain chemicals linked to cancer, and often do little to prevent or reduce breast cancer.

For more tips that cover personal care products, cleaning products, food packaging, workplaces, and more, click here.

Products for you:

At BCPP, our partners in prevention are businesses that value the health and well-being of all. Check out our safe Breast Cancer Prevention Month guide below, filled with amazing partner products that you’ll want to snag before they go!

Juice Beauty

Feed your skin

The new & improved Liquid Lip formula from Juice Beauty applies like a slick liquid lipstick and wears like a lip stain. Formulated with an intense concentration of plant-derived pigments (instead of artificial dyes) and organic ingredients. Available in 8 beautiful shades named by Gwyneth Paltrow for herself, her daughter, her mother and her celebrity friends. During October, Juice Beauty will donate $1 to BCPP for every Liquid Lip sold at all its USA retailers and on

Sustain Natural

No harmful chemicals

Sustain was founded to empower women to get on top of their sexual and reproductive health with products that protect their bodies, their partners’ bodies and the world. How? By creating the first line of organic, vagina-friendly tampons, pads, condoms, lubricants and more. Load up on your products today.

The North Face

Resolve jacket

Every year The North Face donates to Breast Cancer Prevention Partners and honors breast cancer awareness month by coming out with gear that supports the cause of prevention. Get your resolve jacket.


Let’s focus on prevention

Breast Cancer Prevention Month is here and if you’re searching for safe lipstick that performs, we’ve got you covered! Crunchi is donating $3 to BCPP with every purchase of the “Blissful” Luxe Lipstick. The looks you can create with our revolutionary, safe cosmetics are endless. Head to to grab your Blissful Luxe Lipstick today.


The original multifunctional headwear band

BUFF developed and introduced the seamless tubular headwear category. Dedicated to quality, innovation, performance, and UV protection, the BUFF® product line continues to mindfully grow with Hats, Caps, and Arm Sleeves. For us here at BUFF® it is about making memories and the experience along the way – LIVE MORE NOW. Get your buff.


Safety armed with confidence

Since 1984, CRYSTAL has been creating deodorants with Mineral Salts and Sodium Bicarbonate to provide safe and reliable odor protection. Natural minerals and other botanically-derived ingredients stop odor before it starts without blocking pores, allowing the body to function naturally. You can feel confident that you are doing right by your body and the environment. Use code BCPP30 to receive 30% off your entire purchase on from October 2 – 16, 2018 with a percentage of all net sales going to BCPP to support a $5,000 minimum donation in 2018.

The Organic Pharmacy

Natural, organic beauty products

Only the best organic ingredients, honest expert know-how, quality service and incredibly effective products in a wellness environment. This is the core belief behind The Organic Pharmacy and the results-driven, organically formulated, high-tech products the brand offer.

“The Organic Pharmacy was the realisation of my dream: to bring under one roof professional client advise, an exceptional, personal service that enables me to form a bond with my clients, and the best products in the world that are free from toxins” – Margo Marrone. Get yours today.


Running socks for the everyday woman

At Balega, we are a community. We are a community dedicated to each other and dedicated to making the finest running socks. Balega was founded on the principle of Ubuntu – a respect for humanity built on love and goodwill. That’s why we support BCPP, and salute all the hard-working, fun-loving, marathon-running, rock-star women.
Get your must have socks now!

Seventh Generation

No harmful chemicals

From creating paper mache masks to searching through the recycling bin, creating Halloween costumes that won’t frighten the planet can be easy. Find safe products for your home from our trusted partners at Seventh Generation. Get your products today.

Good Eggs

Florist’s choice bouquet

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Good Eggs will donate $1 to Breast Cancer Prevention Partners for every BCPP Seasonal Petite Bouquet purchased in October. Each bouquet is hand-arranged by the Good Eggs Floral Team with seasonal flowers from their favorite farms. Grab your bouquet here today.

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