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BCPP’s 2021 Spring Gala March Forth brought together the BCPP community in support of breast cancer prevention. 

With your help, we surpassed our goal by raising $227,500 and reaching over 700 people from across the country on the night of the event! 

After years of policy rollbacks affecting the health of the country, BCPP’s work marches forward, emerging stronger than ever. Linking our business and advocacy partners, and others affected by breast cancer, BCPP is leading the coalition towards a future where fewer people hear the words, “You have breast cancer.”  

Aiming to activate, inspire and engage guests virtually, the evening featured entertainment and high-profile, celebrity speakers in environmental health and justice.

Watch the edited video recording of our celebration of the new decade, new leadership, and our vision of prevention moving forward: 


Text BCPP to 24-365 to Give

BCPP premiered a new mission video at the event:

Featured Guest Speakers 

Dr. Linda Birnbaum  |  Former Director, NIEHS & NTP

Senator Cory Booker  |  U.S. Senator of New Jersey

Tiffany Coates  |  Director of Sales Earth Mama Organic

Meera Dasgupta  |  2020 National Youth Poet Laureate

Nourbese Flint  |  Policy Director, Black Women for Wellness

Dr. Rachel Morello-Frosch  |  Professor, UC Berkeley School of Public Health

Michelle Kalbearer | Co-Owner/Co-CEO, Klean Kanteen

Alyssa Milano  |  Actor and Activist

Alex Morgan  |  Olympic Gold Medalist

Vanessa Richards  |  Artist & Facilitator, Creative Together

Wesley Schultz  |  Guitarist and Lead Vocalist, The Lumineers

Congresswoman Jackie Speier  |  U.S. Representative (D-CA 14th District)

Joanne Starkman | Co-Founder and Owner, Innersense Organic Beauty

Extended Cuts

Watch the extended, full-length versions of interviews with select guest speakers. See our full Youtube playlist of clips from March Forth.

Interview with Alex Morgan, Olympic Gold Medalist, and CEO/Founder of Sprout San Francisco and BCPP Board Member Suzanne Price:

Interview with actor and activist Alyssa Milano on clean beauty and how she’s using her voice for breast cancer prevention by BCPP’s Janet Nudelman, Director of Program & Policy and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics:

Nourbese Flint, Policy Director of Black Women for Wellness, speaks on beauty standards, racism, and how she’s working to pass policies to make a difference for black women’s health:

Text BCPP to 24-365 to Give


Chat Highlights

So honored to be here tonight. Thank you for all you are doing to better the world. – Ruth Rosenthal​

Today my colleague told me her mother was diagnosed with stage 4. Let’s all help prevent this terrible disease. – Jen Jackson

BCPP: Thank you for doing such amazing work! – Bakty Motiram​

​Thank you everyone for coming!!!! already teared up for a sec!! – Mather Martin

Grateful for 4 years breast cancer free!! Science…. – Nancy Stephens

I love what is happening within BCPP – Mary Townes

Thanks to BCPP staff for all you do to make the products we use every day safer and healthier! – Joel Tickner ​

​Grateful to contribute to this group of leaders, world-changers, and friends – Julie Densmore

My contribution was small, but given with lots of love and in honor of my mom who died in 2011 of breast cancer. Let’s all work together with BCPP until breast cancer is a thing of the past. – Jen Jackson​

Senator Booker speaks for me!! – Abby Ginzberg​

Such a great evening! So fun! LOVE BCPP!!! – Michelle Kalberer, Klean Kanteen

What a spectacular evening!! Woot Woot!!! – Marcy Taylor

Brava to the BCPP for all the work you do every day to prevent breast cancer! Thank you! – Mary Gant​

This was amazing! Thank you to all involved and the BCPP team for all you do! – Jaclyn Lyman​

A very informative and inspirational event. Such an awesome cause! – Jessica Young​

​Thank you all so much for giving to this amazing organization!!! I’ve been donating for over 10 years and will never stop! – Marika Holmgren

​I’m proud and excited to support BCPP’s work to prevent breast cancer and advance health equity. This truly is a mission of love, as Senator Cory Booker so eloquently stated. – Kimberly Mulqueen

Thanks all for your support of BCPP. I’m so proud of all the great work that this organization does. – Sarah Janssen ​

What a list of achievements! – Beth Strachan​

So inspiring to see these results! – Ann Luk​

Amazing achievements, BCPP! Thank you! – Women Uninterrupted​

Thank you for all your great work! – Maricel Maffini

​Mather Martin is the reason I’m here and she did amazing on that intro. Thank goodness for Andrea Martin for bringing both BCPP and Mather into the world!! Awesome event everyone! – Anne Sciaino

Mather, I am so touched by your words! – Laura Fenster ​

Marika Holmgren, you have been through a battle, I will think of you and hope you continue to beat it. I’m happy to say I’m 1.5 yrs free and count my blessings every day. – Liz Szulczewski​

Aw thank you so much Laura! You are so inspirational and am so glad to have you in my life – Vivian Fan ​

Thank you everyone for your support for BCPP!!!! – Wanda Cole-Frieman​

​I wish we were all together but this is awesome!!! ​My tribe!!!! – Caroleigh Pierce

What a beautiful program! So much love! – Heather Sarantis


Great event!! – Julia Cooney​

Great time, great work, keep rocking BCPP!! – Amit Rosner, Clearya​

Thanks to our Event Committee & Table Hosts

The Believer: Betsy Gordon, Chris Pehl & Mark Headley

The Dreamer: Wanda & Karl Cole-Frieman, Julie Corbett, Laura Fenster & Jon Rosenberg, Rorrie Gregorio,  Ellen & Doug Kahn, The Mathieu Sevy Family, Kimberly Mulqueen, Mary Pomerantz, Lisa Stone Pritzker, Sideman & Bancroft LLP

The Designer: B. Braun Medical, Deloitte, Sarah Janssen, Joyce Lee, Susan Lowenberg, Marcy Taylor Pattinson

The Builder: Shoko Emily Abe, Jennifer Ayer, Lisa Bailey, Shelly Frieman, Bethany Hornthal, Marion Hunt, Susan Kutner, Mara Lowry, Sprout San Francisco, Nancy Stephens, Toby Rubin, Ingrid Tauber

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